Website Maintenance

If you don’t have the in-house resources to handle website care for you, consider adding on managed services to ensure your website has the proper support.  We also offer managed SEO plans that include website maintenance because they go hand in hand when implementing a SEO strategy to get your website noticed & ranked.  While we are busy optimizing meta title tags and descriptions or performing content optimization, we might as well key on eye on performance, server activity, plugin updates and of course implement a proper website backup schedule. 

 Peace of mind in knowing your website is being looked after and all of your needs will be supported is well worth the additional expense.  Consider it more like website insurance – if something goes wrong, we are here to quickly repair the issue.  More importantly, we will take proactive measures to ensure that your website does not experience any unscheduled downtime.  Check out one of our combination plans that include website hosting & managed SEO services.

  • No long-term commitments or contracts
  • Automatic Updates of Plugins/Themes (tested separately from your live site
  • Critical security patches applied throughout the month
  • Regular Interval Reporting based on plan selection
  • Transfer your existing WordPress website to us for top level support (free transfer!)


Monthly maintenance schedule
$ 15 Monthly
  • Monthly Proactive WordPress Core updates
  • Monthly Plugin/Theme updates
  • Monthly Site Health Improvements
  • Monthly Site Speed Optimization
  • Monthly Website Backups
  • Monthly Reporting


Bi-Weekly maintenance schedule
$ 25 Monthly
  • Bi-Weekly Proactive WordPress Core updates
  • Bi-Weekly Plugin/Theme updates
  • Bi-Weekly Site Health Improvements
  • Bi-Weekly Site Speed Optimization
  • Bi-Weekly Website Backups
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 2 hrs Professional Services per/mo
  • Content integration of client provided content (1 per/mo)
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Checks
  • Content Optimization (2 pg per/mo)
  • Broken Link Repair


Weekly maintenance schedule
$ 50 Monthly
  • Weekly Proactive WordPress Core updates
  • Weekly Plugin/Theme updates
  • Weekly Site Health Improvements
  • Weekly Site Speed Optimization
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 5 hrs Professional Services per/mo
  • Weekly content integration of client provided content
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Checks
  • Content Optimization (2 pg per/mo)
  • Broken Link Repair
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