Website Assessment

& Technical Audit

Websites that have been designed by Savvy Web Services may enroll directly into one of the available maintenance plans. 

Websites developed by other parties will first require a full website audit and review. We’ll perform a complete assessment and provide you with a complete list of technical issues that will require remediation before we can enroll the site into one of our plans. The report is yours to keep.

We can remediate all critical issues for you or you may elect to hire someone else to do it, or you may find that it is not a worthwhile investment to make at this time.

Company Information

Please create an ADMIN user WordPress user account under >> SWSTech and email account: [email protected]

This account will log into your existing WordPress website to perform the following functions:
1. Full backup of the website files & database
2. Full technical audit of the website.

NOTE The assessment will run in the background and will not interfere with website operations. No updates or changes will be made on the site. When the assessment is completed, the admin account may be disabled.
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