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"Is SEO really needed? What's the value?"

That is one of the most asked questions by website owners today.  Do you need SEO to have a functioning & beautiful website?  No, of course not.  But having a beautiful website that only you know about doesn’t seem like a good return on your investment.  You have put forth the investment to create a visual information command center for all your prospects to learn all about you, but how will they be able to enjoy & buy your products or service if they can’t find you?  If they don’t know you even exist?  You may be just the answer they are looking for, but unless they can find you in their search, they will never know that the very answer to their problem was right there.

So to answer the question, “Is SEO really needed?”  Our answer is a resounding YES.  If you can get your website in front of the very prospects you are targeting, then you can let that website speak to the solution to their business problem.  What is the value?  That question is easily answered by asking yourself, “How confident are you that if you can get people to your website that your website can close the deal?  How much is that deal worth to you?  How much will it cost you if no one comes to your website?  Put the two together and the value is pretty clear.  By making strategic decisions to hone in on your target market  – understanding the string of words they are using to search for you – and then tweaking your website pages to trigger the search engines to present your website on the first page when the user searches, then your chances to present your best case to your prospective customer increases exponentially.  Completely achievable! 

SEO = Your Return on Investment

"Analyze. Develop a Strategy. Stay the Course."

What is the ideal endgame?

Analyzing your goals & objectives should be the first thing you do before you even consider the budget.  What is your long-term goal?  Is it to be solidly with a #1 ranking in Google for your service?  Is it to see an increase in website traffic over a period of time?  Or maybe you want to tackle several different products and move their visual presence on to the first page of the search engines?

Once you understand where you want to be, then you can start to develop a strategy that would map the course to get there.  You may experience distractions along the way or maybe the pace at which you are proceeding is not working for you.  Course adjustments may be necessary, but the discipline to maintain the course is also critical.


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How much will it cost me?

Your endgame objectives and how quickly you want to achieve it has a direct relation to your budget.  Like a weight loss plan, adjusting your diet with no exercise will probably net you results over the long-term, hiring a personal trainer, changing your diet, and going to the gym once a week is a bit more of an investment, but you will probably get there a little quicker than just changing your diet. 

Or if you decide to go full bore and spend hours at the gym every day and changing your diet should help you attain your goal much quicker.  SEO is much the same – go after a couple of keywords a little bit at a time, add a few more keywords and potentially see more avenues open up, and then opening the valve full stop could flood the traffic exponentially.

There is a delicate balance of understanding how much you can reasonably budget and what you can expect to get back in return.  Depending on the SEO partner you speak with, that number can have a very wide range.  Underestimating pricing without setting the right expectations is just burning money.  Overestimating without setting specific goals is another surefire way to burn your money. 

So you are left to wonder, “What should I do?”



Make the commitment to analyze your current website status.  You may be better off than you think.  Conversely, your competition may be more challenging than you thought.  We’ll do a review & analysis of your website.



While we are creating your website baseline, we discuss your long-term & short-term goals & objectives.  Together, we will formulate the beginnings of your SEO roadmap to success.



We’ll execute the plan, monitor results, make adjustments and track the progression.  Meanwhile, with all the new traffic generated & interest in your services, we’ll continuously re-evaluate next steps.

Our SEO Pricing

It’s important to understand expectations and realistic outcomes before you jump into the SEO arena.  Your investment has a direct influence on the speed & capabilities of rising through the search engine ranks. 

Again, thinking back on the personal trainer analogy, going to the gym once a week vs five days a week not only will cost you less, but it could take longer to achieve your overall long-term objectives vs paying more for gym access.  If you are going into this venture thinking that throwing money at it will net you an immediate landing at the #1 spot in Google, then we may not be the right partner for you. 

We will diligently put all of our tools and skills to work, but you must understand the direct correlation between time & cost.  The smaller your investment, the more time it will take.  The more you invest, the less time it could take to reach your goals.  However, no amount of money will guarantee landing in the coveted #1 position on Google.  A solid commitment and clear strategy is the what will improve your ranking.  Understanding this principle is critical in making your SEO package decision.

SEO Boost


(one time fee)

We will start to build on the SEO strategy discussed during our consultation meeting. 

The first thing we’ll do is run a full website audit. In this comprehensive report, we will look at all aspects of your website including things like OnPage SEO, the technical SEO audit will uncover critical issues that should be remediated, and we’ll examine links and the crawlability of all your pages. We’ll look at everything under the cover that will allow us to develop a custom SEO strategy to gather more leads and generate more profit.


Building on the SEO strategy by resolving technical issues, boosting on-page optimizations, and honing in on top desired keywords.

SEO Foundation


Building on Foundations by resolving more technical issues, increasing the On-Page and Off-Page updates and casting a wider keyword ranking net.



Advanced strategizing to include a mix of organic and paid campaigns, while steadfastly resolving technical issues & optimization of pages.

SEO Advanced
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