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We offer a host of web services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietorships. Let us help you create your web presence with a beautiful professional website so you can focus on growing your business.

Welcome to Savvy Web Services – that’s me, Flora.  For the last decade, I’ve been working with small businesses and sole proprietors advance their business goals just by listening to their business challenges and how their products & services deliver value to their clients, understanding their target market and the traditional ways they have conducted their marketing and advertising strategies and mostly by developing a truly collaborative relationship with them. 

When you create a personal relationship with the team you are joining, the motivation & drive to deliver the best results for their success is infectious.  This is what drives me to learn, research to ask questions, and to tap into all available resources to create a website that becomes the client’s information super hub.  A central location for their customers & prospective customers to drop in and find all of their questions answered & inspires them to take action!

I’m extremely passionate about what I do and always put the client first.  From our initial meeting onward, we become a team, and together with a laser focus on the end goal, we get it done!  I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you!

Best regards,

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Flora Ohara Savvy Web Services

Flora Ohara

Executive director, Savvy Web Services

Our Services

WordPress Website Design

Your website speaks for you when you are not available.  Why not ensure it presents the best case?

Website Maintenance

Let us help you develop a winning SEO strategy to improve your site rankings.

eCommerce Website Design

Let us keep an eye on the site so you can tend to the business.  Schedule backups, updates, new products, monitor traffic – trust us to keep the lights on!

Partial Portfolio

Just so you can get an idea about what we can do & how we can help – here is a little sample of some of the websites we have designed.  we look forward to adding your site to our wall of fame!

WordPress Design Non-Profit
WordPress Design Non-Profit
eCommerce Martial Arts Website
WordPress Website Veterinary Services
WordPress Website Attorney
eCommerce WordPress Website Animal

Our Focus is On

Entrepreneurs & Sole Proprietors

You have ideas.  You have dreams. You have been tinkering around with putting your ideas into some kind of order so you can reach your dreams.  We hear you!  And more importantly, we want to help you get there too.

Starting up a business, whether its online goods or service startup or the traditional brick and mortar setup; you, as the sole proprietor of the venture are already assuming a lot of financial risks.  But there is the dream that you are after.

You are faced with hard choices & challenges.  Do you try and fashion together your own website, do you wait to launch your online real estate until later or do you jump in and partner with an agency to digitize your brand?

A Great Website Equals Business Growth

A crisp website is a huge way to reach people even if you don’t have a huge company with tons of employees.  You only need to embrace the idea that having a physical presence online is key to business growth.  More importantly, your website is ALWAYS working for you – night & day, seven days a week; tirelessly serving your users with information on your products & services!

"I'll Just Throw One Together Myself..."

Sure, you could do that.  There are a number of free site builders, pre-made templates that you could just drag & drop and call it a day. We’ve even put together a resource list for you.  But ask yourself – if you are looking for a place to have a bite, would you stop at the first place that shows you two slabs of bread and some lunchmeat on it.  It’s a sandwich, you were looking for a sandwich – is this where you would stop to buy that sandwich?

Or would you keep looking until you find that lightly toasted ciabatta with bright red roasted peppers, crispy greens, and slivers of fresh onion?  Would you stop here and say – “yeah, I’ll take one of those?”

If you answered the latter, then that is exactly why I say “A great website equals business growth”.

You could do it yourself, but can you really afford to?  If you are able to divert your focus from tending to your customers & growing your business, then sure – add it to your list of things to do.  

But if you can’t, then that is where partnering with Savvy Web Services will save you money.

Don’ Just Take our word for it

What our clients are saying....

Home - WordPress Website Design | eCommerce Websites | Website Maitenance

You don’t have to know everything about everything, you just need to know someone you can trust that knows way more about it than you. For me, that person is Flora Ohara of Savvy Web Services. She built my website from scratch, taking the few skimpy ideas that I had and turning them into a beautiful and functional site. She helped advise me about key words and search parameters and general layout and readability and a myriad of other things that I didn’t know. Since its inception, she has maintained the site, keeping it up to date and free of bugs. She is always quick to respond to all of my requests and fixes any problems promptly and keeps everything running smoothly. Let her do what she does best and it will free you up to do what you do best.

Janie Hodges, DVM

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